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Like everything else that is White Trash on this site, this app fits perfectly for now. It’s the TurboWhiteTrash App for Android, iPhone, iPad, iTouch (iDevice!) Thanks to the crew who created Majoobi – kind of cool, not exactly what I’m looking for (obviously – step right up dev that would like to help out and create a real market Android app). But it’s white trash‘il’ific! Click the picture below (link is: http://bit.ly/TWTApp) on your Android, iDevice, Smartphone and drag the bookmark to your smartphone desktop. See below for notes from the Majoobi FAQ page.

Notes From Majoobi FAQ:

How do I install apps on my iPhone/Android device?
If you have an iPhone or an iPad, click on the bookmark shortcut and bookmark the page to your desktop. If you have an Android device, tap and hold your finger on the screen, and bookmark the page to your device desktop through the bookmarking window that appears.
How do I install apps on non-iPhone/Android devices?
By visiting the app’s url and clicking on the installation link. Alternatively, you can download the Majoobi thin client via m.majoobi.com which will allow you to navigate and install new apps via the built-in app store.

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